Waving at strangers.

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Me, waving at my fans. Just kidding.It’s finally Friday!

Funny story about this photo: when I was on top of this platform I kept looking down to the ground since there was a café and some people where enjoying some drinks when all of a sudden some random woman kept waving at me. So I decided to wave back. Probably even more so because she looked Filipino. While I was enjoying the view I kept looking at the woman every now and then and every time she would wave, while I waved back. Obviously.

End of story: she wasn't waving at me the whole time but instead she was waving at her son who was up on the platform as well and who stood close by the entire time. At least we all got some good laughs though.

Also, it's officially February. Can we all just take a moment on how quick January went by?!!

-xo, Chantal

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