You don't need Mondays to start over

Boho Nature by paperheartpolaroids (2).jpg
Always remember: you don’t need Mondays to start over. You can start over at any given day!

I love trying out new things and lately I have been creative af.⠀

I took this photo in the beginning of January when I tested out my new camera. I'm really into these type of tones lately. I am actually quite surprised of myself.

So what inspired me when I looked at this picture really was just the feeling it gave me. When looking at this photo I think of storms, cold weather, rain, forests and someone who is wandering around lost in thoughts.⠀

Fun fact: This also always reminds me of an ancient time when dinosaurs where on this planet.⠀

PS: Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great start into the new week.

-XO, Chantal

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