Why your close ones don't believe in your dreams.

The truth about your loved ones.

Let's talk about the people who you THOUGHT they would believe in your dreams just as much as you do.

⁣⁣Let's imagine these two scenes right here:⁣⁣

Scene 1:⁣

You are pretty convinced by your business idea and you are already hustling hard for it. You are excited, you wanna share it with the world and just tell everyone around you how proud you are of your business /business idea.⁣⁣

Scene 2:⁣

You talk to your loved ones..can be your parents, close friends, your s/o...whoever is dear to you, and you drop the "I want to quit my job and become my own boss" bomb.

⁣⁣Ideally this is what happens:⁣

They are just as excited as you are, they are proud of you and encourage you to go after your dreams and will support you no matter what.

9 out of 10, this is not going to be their reaction.

⁣⁣But let's face it:⁣⁣

Instead they are shocked; wondering why the hell you would want to do that and maybe "you should try it some other time", telling you that your business idea is complete BS. And that you will have a lot more financial stability when you stay in your corporate job, or whatever that is that you do.⁣⁣

This can be pretty hurtful. And if you are a sensitive type of person (like me, btw. Where are my sensitive girls at?! ), you will start to convince yourself that yes "they are right. It is a dumb idea. Maybe I should just wait. Maybe I should stay in the corporate world."

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HOWEVER, the reality is that they are NOT right and that you really shouldn’t give a f*ck about it.⁣⁣

They don't know any better, because they don't have the drive that you do. They don't have the courage that you have. They feel secure in THEIR corporate job, with their 9-5, five or sometimes even six days a week. They are perfectly fine in their own bubble. They probably don't even have the guts that you have.⁣⁣

So all I can say is:⁣

Don't listen to them.

Don't even argue with them. Just do your thing and once they see that you succeed they will change their mind.⁣⁣

-xo, Chantal

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