There will never be a perfect time

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Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

All my life it has basically been like that. I have always been waiting for the "right time". The right time to travel, the right time to chase my dreams, the right time to do what I want....And I have always found excuses why I couldn't do xyz at that time because each time I got told that I should wait. But wait for what? For good weather? As a result I believed that it " wasn't the right time" when clearly it was and it made me miss out on so so many opportunities.

So who exactly defines THE right time? There is not that ONE right time.

YOU are the only one who gets to decide when the right time for you is. Like the right time for you to travel the world or the right time for you to start your business. Your family or friends or whoever is close to you don't get to define that and if they don't understand that than that's okay too. They don't know it any better if they don't have the same mindset as you have and you have to keep reminding yourself of this. You have an idea, you have the skills and you have what it takes. YOU.GOT.THIS.

After a lot of trial and error, unhappiness, comparisons to other accounts here on Instagram and a lot of self doubt I asked myself why I wanted to have my own business in the first place and with the right mindset I found my reasons again which made me realize that MY right time is now.

When was the moment where you realized that this was YOUR right time? What is currently holding you back? Let me know. I wanna connect.

-xo, Chantal

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