Stay positive, work hard & make it happen

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Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.

That is something I have to keep telling myself over and over again. I used to get so lost in social media. Days, weeks or months of endless scrolling through Instagram. What happened was that I started to compare myself - my business - and my services with others. As a result: I got discouraged. I stopped believing in myself and started to believe that I'm not as good, that I don't have good skills and that I don't have anything to offer eventhough deep down I KNOW I have something to offer, too and that I DO have the skills.

I think what I did wrong in the very beginning was I offered too many services. What I thought was "okay..I can do this, this, this and that and I'm gonna offer it all!" Well, what happened was I got discouraged, I felt lost, I felt like I didn't give any value and I felt like I was going to fail.

Instead I should have just asked myself: what do I LOVE doing the most, what do I enjoy the most and how can others benefit from it?

Literally at the end of 2018 is when I reconnected with my goals and missions and I think I came out stronger than ever. I can't wait to share my new website with you!!

Oh and before I forget: Stop.comparing.yourself. Especially not with others on social media!

-xo, Chantal

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