There will never be a perfect time

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Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

All my life it has basically been like that. I have always been waiting for the "right time". The right time to travel, the right time to chase my dreams, the right time to do what I want....And I have always found excuses why I couldn't do xyz at that time because each time I got told that I should wait. But wait for what? For good weather? As a result I believed that it " wasn't the right time" when clearly it was and it made me miss out on so so many opportunities.

So who exactly defines THE right time? There is not that ONE right time.

YOU are the only one who gets to decide when the right time for you is. Like the right time for you to travel the world or the right time for you to start your business. Your family or friends or whoever is close to you don't get to define that and if they don't understand that than that's okay too. They don't know it any better if they don't have the same mindset as you have and you have to keep reminding yourself of this. You have an idea, you have the skills and you have what it takes. YOU.GOT.THIS.

After a lot of trial and error, unhappiness, comparisons to other accounts here on Instagram and a lot of self doubt I asked myself why I wanted to have my own business in the first place and with the right mindset I found my reasons again which made me realize that MY right time is now.

When was the moment where you realized that this was YOUR right time? What is currently holding you back? Let me know. I wanna connect.

-xo, Chantal

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Chase your dreams

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“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.”

For years I have been dreaming about being my own boss. I can't stand the thought of having to work a 9-5 office job in the SAME office, looking out of the SAME window, having the SAME daily routine day in and day out. The thought of having to do this for the next 40 some years kills me. I believe there's more to life than just that. I have had a few jobs here and there as a teenager. None of them made me happy and while I currently work in an environment where a lot of different things happen each day, I plan on leaving that office job at the end of 2019. So basically in a year from now.

The past two years I have been figuring out a way on how I could do that. How could I pursue my dream of being self employed, working wherever and whenever I please. Go on vacation when I want to and go through MY day the way how I wanted it while also not giving up on my dream because of the self doubts I have due to my depression. And that's when I realized I had to find my passion and I had to find the right mindset.

Fast forward...Here I am now. I have already made the first steps. I have a vision, a dream to pursue, the skills I need for the services I offer, I have a website but the biggest thing I have is courage. Courage to keep going when no one believes in me. Courage to keep going when I dont believe in myself. Courage to chase my dream and to leave the corporate world behind in a year from now.

I'll always have to be my number one fan in this journey. Even when times get tough. So in the end, you can have all the skills, dreams and visions. If you don't have the right mindset then you won't make it far and that is when you will fail. So not having the right mindset is not an option

What's your biggest fear in your journey of being self-employed?

- xo, Chantal

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Who is behind herprettybravesoul?


Hi, I am Chantal the founder and the owner of herprettybravesoul.

I am so happy to meet you!

You are probably wondering what you will find here. So let me sum it up for you:

herprettybravesoul is my little fair share of the internet world where I will showcase my art through photography, social media designs and other good things. You can even benefit from it because I have a lot of freebies on my website! Additionally you can find a few personal blog posts here and there.

Besides that my mission is to create a happy place where creative minds and others with the same interests come together become genuine friends, hang out and have a good time together and I’d be thrilled to count you in!

Here are some facts about me

1. I love dogs..

2. Pizza, chocolate and ice cream..

3. Good music. That can be anything. Rap, Country, Rock, Soul, RnB. It just has to be good!…

4. The beach, ocean and anything related to water as it calms me down.

5. I spend 3 weeks in New York City and I have a bracelet with coordinates of a special place in NYC.

What I love (doing) the most:

Traveling, when women support women, a group of people where we lift each other up instead of knocking each other down, photography, being creative e.g. putting together moodboards - spending hours on lightroom editing beautiful pictures, kindness, spending time with my grandma.

Really I am a lot of things. A friend. A best friend. A partner in crime. A social media manager. A photographer. A designer. A creative individual. That type of girl who can spend hours and hours editing beautiful pictures and creating presets on adobe lightroom, while listening to episodes of modern family or singing along countless numbers of songs. I believe in supporting one another.

But I also know that I am more than that because I'm also funny, introvert, a good listener and a sucker for soul music. Who are you and what do you think describes you the best?

If you like and believe in the same things, hit me up. I’d love to chat with you and become friends with you! - xo Chantal

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