Waving at strangers.

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Me, waving at my fans. Just kidding.It’s finally Friday!

Funny story about this photo: when I was on top of this platform I kept looking down to the ground since there was a café and some people where enjoying some drinks when all of a sudden some random woman kept waving at me. So I decided to wave back. Probably even more so because she looked Filipino. While I was enjoying the view I kept looking at the woman every now and then and every time she would wave, while I waved back. Obviously.

End of story: she wasn't waving at me the whole time but instead she was waving at her son who was up on the platform as well and who stood close by the entire time. At least we all got some good laughs though.

Also, it's officially February. Can we all just take a moment on how quick January went by?!!

-xo, Chantal

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Do what is right, not what is easy.

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Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.

I think the quote I mentioned couldn’t be any closer to the truth. All my life I did what was expected I should do. Go to school, get a bachelors degree in a field where you can make lots of money and never complain when work gets tough.

Well, I went to university. But only for a short while. I decided to study tourism management. And while I was interested in that, deep inside I knew I only picked it because it meant I’d make a lot of money after my studies & because this was expected of me. Was I enjoying my studies? No. That’s why I quit college. What I would have wanted to do instead was choosing a creative field. I even wanted to study photography nce. But due to the pressure I felt, I didnt. I never went after my dreams.

That is why this year will be different. This year I will do what’s right for me & what feels right to ME. I will go after MY dreams.

Because that is more vital to life than anything else. Living YOUR best life. Doing what YOU love doing the most. To me, it also means having to be brave at the same time & having to step out of my comfort zone. So my plan is to work on that!

Let me know what you think: would you rather stay in your comfort zone or are you working on stepping out of your comfort zone & how so?

-xo Chantal

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Get to know me

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Knowing a person is like music. What attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.
  1. My name is Chantal. My dad chose my name because back than it was an uncommon name. My mom wanted to name me Jennifer and I'm glad it's not my name because I feel like I can't relate to the name. Also I think it's a typical Asian name. #nohate

  2. I live in Germany and I'm half German, half Filipino but when people ask me about my heritage I say I'm Filipino. #filipinopride

  3. I am 27 years old and I actually can't believe that because 30 is getting closer and closer haha

  4. I was born in November which makes me a Scorpio.

  5. I used to have a black labrador named Leeroy but we had to put him to sleep two years ago. He was 16 years old. My best friend and he was always there for me and made me feel understood.

  6. I love chocolate. My favorite are milk chocolate and peppermint chocolate.

  7. I have a bracelet with coordinates of a place in NYC that means a lot to me because when I was at that particular place I was enjoying the sunset by the water and that's when I realized I fell in love with NYC. By that time, I had already spent three weeks in NYC and didn't really understood why everyone loves NYC so much. Now I know and I would go back in a heartbeat.

    Now it's your turn. Tell me one random fact about yourself and let's find out if we have something in common.

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Old ways won't open new doors

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Life is all about learning. In order to grow we have to be willing to learn.

Life is all about learning. It's a never ending learning process. In order to grow we have to be willing to learn. But not just life is a learning process. Even starting a business or finding out who you are is a learning process. In the past I have endured a lot of trial and errors both on a personal level as well as on my "business level". I don't have anyone around me whom I can really talk to about this whole entrepreneur adventure or whom I can talk to in general. I can only learn from the ones that inspire me and by testing things out for myself.

Like today when I actually sat down, went through my insights, analyzing the hashtags I've been using and then creating a whole new list of hashtags that I will try out.⠀

I don't know where all my energy is coming from at the moment but I love how driven I am and how happy and content it has made me these past weeks. I hope it will stay that way because it feels really good.

-xo, Chantal

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Creativity is my therapy

Creativity is my therapy. The outcome that no one can see is that it’s relaxing, it calms me down but it also makes me proud and gives me purpose.

I really really love how creative I've been lately. It's a long lost hobby of mine that I'm currently reconnecting with again.

The outcome of my creativity is more than the final pieces I upload on here. The outcome that no one can see is that it's relaxing, it calms me down but it also makes me proud and gives me purpose. I feel like I'm also reconnecting with myself again and I can tell that it makes a difference in me.

I used to be so lost. Last year was tough to say the least. So I guess that's why it means even more to me than anyone who's reading this can imagine. Or maybe they can because they went through the same and can read along the lines.

I hope that whoever might be struggling can and will find their purpose again. ⠀
What makes you feel better?

-xo, Chantal

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Make time for yourself

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Make time for yourself.

The best thing I did for myself during this week so far was when I went on a three hour walk through a nearby forest passing the outsides of a - what they call - forest zoo.

The weather was crazy. It rained, it was very windy and it even snowed for a little while!

Along the walk I got to photograph faded plants and flowers like this one and I also got to explore more of the city I live in.

But what I enjoyed the most was how happy this made me. It almost felt like a little vacation to me, even though the forest is basically just a five minute walk away.

What's the best thing you did for yourself this week so far?⠀

-xo, Chantal

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Stop doubting yourself

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Doubts will kill more dreams than failure ever will.

Doubts are probably my own worst enemy. In the past there were so many times where I doubted me, myself, my business, my dreams and goals.

I believed that I wasn't good enough and I most definitely started to believe that I shouldn't jump into the world of entrepreneurship because other people in my niche are better than I am.

And I mean that's true. Sort of. But the way I look at it now is that others might be "better" but only in this moment. And that this wouldn't mean that I won't be able to become that good. What I also realized was that they all started somewhere. Yes, some of them are ahead of me, but they all started from zero. Always educating themselves. Always working on themselves.

And I just wasn't there yet. Because I didn't work on myself but pitied myself.

They say with the right mindset you can achieve anything. I never believed in this.

But now as I am reflecting what I did wrong in the past, all I can say is "mindset really does matter." And all I can say is, that you gotta believe in your dreams and work hard for them!

PS: how do you love this photo? I find it hard to believe that we had so much sun back in November when I was on vacation.

PPS: what's your biggest enemy?

-xo, Chantal

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Focus on your goal

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Focus on your goal.

Sometimes we get so lost on our way to reaching our goals we once set for ourselves because we get distracted. Distracted by social media scrolling hours and hours through numerous accounts, subconsciously comparing ourselves to other feeds. Comparing us so much that we start to think that we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not making enough content, not getting enough likes. I can relate because I used to compare myself as well.

I think it's fatal for anyone and I think it can be fatal for anyone who is starting their own business. Just because there are a hundred other VAs or other graphic designers, photographers, bloggers and artists out there who offer the same or similar things as you do, doesn't mean that YOU don't have nor give any value.

I have just as much value. I matter just as much and I'm just as great with the skills I have. And so are you.

And while I used to get so caught up in comparing myself I decided to just not do it anymore. As soon as I feel like I do, I snap right back out of it, put the phone aside, tell myself that what I do is just as great and focus on what mattered the most in the first place. My goals and my business. And that keeps me motivated.

Do you find yourself comparing you/your business to others? If so, what do you do to stop that? Let me know.

-xo, Chantal

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Freedom & Happiness

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Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

I stumbled across this quote a few days ago and for some reason it really hit me. Right now I have a regular office job. It's stressful, it's fun and not a single day is the same as the previous day. •

However, this isn't what I see myself doing for the rest of my life. I don't want to do the same things day in and day out for the rest of my life feeling like I'm missing out on so much.

Freedom is what I'm seeking and I can get that by doing what I love and enjoy the most, e.g. creating content, taking pictures + editing them. BEING CREATIVE. At my own pace, whenever, while listening and singing along to great songs or go on adventures whenever I please not having to fill out some sort of holiday request. The more I think about it the more I realize that this is what I like doing and that is what's giving me happiness and the type of freedom I'm looking for.

So if you are like me and you feel like you are stuck in the position you are in, try to find out WHY and WHAT is making you unhappy and change that. Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone because that is what I'm currently doing as well. I'm sure my future self will thank me for that

Is there anything that's making you unhappy? Message me if you want to chat. I'm not gonna sell anything to you I promise. I just want to help you out.

Oh, buuut..! Soon this picture will be available on my website as a free downloadable wallpaper for your laptop because I feel like a lot of other people could use this sort of inspiration. okay, I guess NOW I sort of sold something to you. But it's free and who doesn't like free things, right!? xo - Chantal

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Stay positive, work hard & make it happen

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Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.

That is something I have to keep telling myself over and over again. I used to get so lost in social media. Days, weeks or months of endless scrolling through Instagram. What happened was that I started to compare myself - my business - and my services with others. As a result: I got discouraged. I stopped believing in myself and started to believe that I'm not as good, that I don't have good skills and that I don't have anything to offer eventhough deep down I KNOW I have something to offer, too and that I DO have the skills.

I think what I did wrong in the very beginning was I offered too many services. What I thought was "okay..I can do this, this, this and that and I'm gonna offer it all!" Well, what happened was I got discouraged, I felt lost, I felt like I didn't give any value and I felt like I was going to fail.

Instead I should have just asked myself: what do I LOVE doing the most, what do I enjoy the most and how can others benefit from it?

Literally at the end of 2018 is when I reconnected with my goals and missions and I think I came out stronger than ever. I can't wait to share my new website with you!!

Oh and before I forget: Stop.comparing.yourself. Especially not with others on social media!

-xo, Chantal

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