Disclosure Policy

This policy is valued from 09 December 2017 and has been updated on 01 Jan 2019

herprettybravesoul offers services as a virtual assistant with the intention of helping female-owned businesses to discover and pursue their dream in their business in order to be able to doing what they love the most. Furthermore, herprettybravesoul also creates Instagram Feed Designs which are offered as freebies. Same goes for the photos she is using in her freebies section. All photos that are marked with “Paper Heart Polaroids” are in ownership of Chantal Kemp. These photos are also free to use for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes. When you download and use a freebie, please make sure to tag us. You may not resell, edit or redistribute the items on any websites or mark them as your own. Please read my disclosures below.  If you have any questions email me at hello@herprettybravesoul.com.

Thank you for supporting herprettybravesoul!



First things first. All content on herprettybravesoul.com is created by me. This includes words, photographs, and graphics, unless otherwise stated. Credit will always be clearly stated in the blog post or page. Please do not copy content or images. If you do then please don’t be rude and ask for my permission. I’m pretty sure I will say yes. Unless you want to copy my content or images for purposes I can’t agree with.

Sponsored Content

This website accepts forms of compensation in exchange for paid blog posts or reviews, sponsored giveaways, or mentions of PR samples.

All sponsored posts will be clearly marked in the first few paragraphs. I will only recommed products and services that I know my readers will love too. After all this is all about you, my readers. With that being said I will only work with brands that I believe in and that are a perfect match for my brand.

Affiliate Links

So far I am not working with affiliate links. However, if one day I do, I will mark as such in the first few paragraphs of the blog post. If my blog post does contain a link but isn’t marked as such, that means it is not an affiliate link. I will only use affiliate links that I strongly believe in and to whom you, as my readers, can relate to as well.

What’s an affiliate link, though?

If I do use an affiliate link, it is marked as such. Only if you click on the link AND purchase an item, chances are that I may receive a small percentage of your purchase. At no additional costs to you!

Thank you for reading. If you would like more information or have any questions regarding my disclosures, please email me at hello@herprettybravesoul.com