Lightroom Presets

If you love photography and color combinations just as much as I do and if you could spend hours and hours editing photos while never getting tired of it, then I’m pretty sure that you will have fun with my lightroom presets!

Once you download a preset remember not to distribute/sell/mark them as your own. Thank You! xx Chantal

—Here is how you can get my Lightroom Presets—

Choose a preset by clicking on a photo of your choice. Your computer will automatically download a lightroom preset file onto your pc.

—How to install a lightroom preset—

Install the preset by opening “Adobe Lightroom”, click on “presets” on the lower right-hand side. Once you did that, a “presets folder” will open up right next to the photo you are going to edit. Then, click on the three dots right next to “presets”. Click on “import presets” and that’s basically it. All you gotta do, is click on the preset you want to important, import it and you can start editing away!

—Important Notice—

Keep in mind that each preset is different. Which means that each preset will work differently on your photos. Furthermore, your screen settings also play an important part. As a result your photos could look different than what you have expected. This is when you will have to make some adjustments in Lightroom. Usually, that is done by tweaking up/down the lights (e.g contrast, white, black, depth) a little. Do that until you are happy with the outcome and there you go!

All presets are saved as “xmp files” and can be used in “Adobe Lighroom CC” through “Adobe Creative Cloud”.

As always, have fun creating beautiful content for your blog, website, tumblr account, instagram, name it! I’d love to be tagged and linked back to my website once you use my lightroom presets. You can find me over on instagram @herprettybravesoul, too. I can’t wait to see what you have created! - xo, Chantal

Lightroom Presets

Vintage Beach Life

This Vintage Beach Life” Lightroom preset is perfect for outdoor pictures - the beach preferably. This won’t work very well on dark pictures or dark colors. It is meant for light yellow, beige, blues, whites and nude colors.

This Lightroom preset comes with grainy textures but can easily be turned off in Lightroom.


Lifestyle Blogger

The name of this Lighroom preset speaks for itself because it is meant for the lifestyle blogger that you are. This preset won’t work very well on dark pictures or dark colors. It works well on bright pictures with blue, orange and turquoise touches like jeans, shirts, blonde and brown hair.