This moodboard is inspired by a walk through a nearby forest.

What inspired me when I took this picture really was just the feeling it gave me. When looking at this photo I think of storms, cold weather, rain, forests and someone who is wandering around lost in thoughts.⠀

Fun fact: This also always reminds me of an ancient time when dinosaurs where on this planet.⠀

Leaves Branding Inspiration by herprettybravesoul.png

Calm & Relaxing

This moodboard is inspired by calm and relaxing vibes such as sun, pastel colors, beach, water and the sky. It is supposed to relax us on days when we feel stressed.

What I like about this moodboard is that when I look at it, it gives me inner peace. I like the bright but pastel tones. There's just something about it that is making me feel calm when I look at it.

Calm & Relaxing Branding Inspiration by herprettybravesoul.png

Let’s get lost

This moodboard is inspired by unplanned roadtrips on a sunday during the winter. A roadtrip that is leading us to unfamiliar places where we get to explore the unknown, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying nature. What follows after this roadtrip is a cozy home with a big knitted blanket and a cup of hot chocolate with marshallows on top.

I think what inspired me the most while creating this moodboard was the weather outside. It was snowing on that day and for quite a while I have been having the urge to just hop on a train and to go see unfamiliar places just like I used to a few years ago. The urge to travel is getting stronger and stronger lately and is bringing back old memories.

Lets get lost Branding Inspiration by herprettybravesoul.png