Stock Photos

What I love about photography is that you can be super creative. You can show the world how you see the world through YOUR eyes. What is interesting to you, could be uninteresting for somebody else. But that is the beauty of it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty can be found everywhere. The city, the woods, the beach, the mountains, within people and not just their looks.

That is why decided to share my own photos with you. I hope you appreciate the beauty in it. If you do use my photos remember not to distribute/sell/mark them as your own. Thank you!

Instead I’d love to be tagged and linked back to my website once you do use my photos. You can find me over on instagram @herprettybravesoul, too. I can’t wait to see what you have created! -xo Chantal

—Here is how you can get my stock photo—

Chose a pack, click on it and your computer will automatically download a zip file onto your pc. Unzip the file and have fun creating beautiful content for your blog, website, tumblr account, instagram, name it!

PS: So far each pack comes in a bundle of two stock photos each since I am still testing this out.

Vintage Beach Life

Vintage Nature